DISCOTHEQUE (by Cercle Des Poetes)
  • 7000 Watts of Sound.

  • Lights on DMX 512.

  • Open every Saturday & eve of festival (enquiry ph:2656030).

  • Drinks Corner.

  • Be Your DJ yourself, we take care of your output.

  • Dress code CASUAL.

  • Right of Admission.

  • Above 18years old.


    Access to the discotheque "CERCLE DES POETES" is exclusively reserved to their members.

    How to become a member?

    Fill up the application at the reception or via our website "members page",
    after payment of the below amount, your will get an id number immediately.

                                   150/-   per month
                                   1500/- per year, financial year will be adopted.


    -> Reduced Price to the discotheque access.
    -> Get 8%, 10%, 18% of discount to our Restaurant and Stay Homes.

    Click here to register